Thursday, September 3, 2009

Squandering an Opportunity

Mark Tapscott, here, goes on at some length about the opportunity to press for federal term limits on the part of the Tea Party. Frankly I thing almost any political grouping should be pushing for this, although, I suppose, if your party holds a majority, and you never expect to lose it, then term limits might not sound like such a good idea. Here's the money quote:
What I do know is this: Any candidate for Congress who opposes term limits cannot be trusted to put the national interest ahead of his own selfish political interest.
Federal Term Limits are included in Randy Barnetts bill of federalism. This collection of proposed amendments contains a number of things, some better than others, and calls for a demand for a constitutional convention to consider them. Keeping in mind that the congress will NEVER let a convention happen, if enough states ask for one, the congresses reaction is to actually pass the proposed amendment to defuse the issue. Thus, you can be assured that your state legislatures demand for a convention will not actually be met, but you will get a chance to vote the amendments up or down.

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