Monday, September 21, 2009

Selling Out For Fun And Profit

There are artists out there who are proud that their work has never been used to sell beer. Often enough, this is traceable to the fact that their art has never been used to sell anything, including itself. Accepting a federal grant is something else entirely, as they are handed out without regard for race, religion, ethnicity, talent, merit, or anything else.

The administration has solicited those artists associated with the NEA, to produce work touting various government programs, and perhaps, the general wonderfulness of our Dear Leader himself. My first thought was that this should be easy money, just download some of the stuff made popular in the 30's, and using Photoshop, switch the heads.
Darleen at Protein Wisdom has done just that.
This masterpiece should get her a generous stimulus check. The possibilities are just endless.

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