Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Treating Women Like Guns

Someone found a picture of a young lady expressing some anti-gun sentiments. They added some commentary:
Let me try my view:
1. You need to pass a background check and wait 3 days before you can take her out on a date. NOTE: Whether or not she want's to go with you does not enter into the discussion.

2. She can't enter K-12 schools but she can visit state college campuses if accompanied by a licensed escort.

3. She cannot enter a polling place on election day regardless.

4. With the right permit, you can date women without getting a background check every time.

5. OK let's face it, some women are scary enough to be outright banned.

6. She is not permitted in the airport unless completely disguised, say in a burqua, and accompanied by a holder of the right kind of permit, and even then only in the non-secure areas.

7. She wants all women to be locked up when not in use. Locking them up when in use is optional I suppose.

8. In this state "large capacity magazines" are forbidden, so breast sizes larger than "A" are illegal unless acquired/developed prior to 2013. This story will become more and more common as time goes on if progressively less believable.

An  18-year-old, obviously an early bloomer.