Thursday, September 26, 2019

Little Red Motorbike

Thought I had this sorted out, but no. Took it out to a dinner last night and it decided to not start for the return trip. The battery that came with the bike was obviously far undersized and barely able to start the thing anyway so a new battery today.

Normally this is an easy job, but no. Previous owner had replaced the fuel pump with a non-stock unit that was placed in some of the volume required for a stock battery, so relocate the fuel pump, re-arrange the fuel lines, discover a broken wire (probably the reason it didn't want to start or charge the battery), and wonder how the wires were originally routed with no spare space. Took all day, but it starts and runs well now.

Earlier I cut 2-1/2 inches off a pair of kids bike handlebars and used that as a mold to make a couple of lead slugs. Turned them down a tad to make them a light press fit into the Yamaha bars, and thus did away with most of the handlebar vibration. They weigh .45 lb/each if anyone cares.

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