Friday, September 20, 2019

Automotive Entertainment

Lake County PD busted a fellow for driving like an idiot:
When the trooper was finally able to make him come to a stop, he learned that Gagliano was worried about his license and stated that because state police cruisers had V6 engines, he was surprised the trooper was able to catch up to him.
However, before he arrested Gagliano, the trooper informed him that his police vehicle had a V8 Hemi, not a V6.
File under "The (not) Fast (Enough) and the Incredulous. Local police frequently use the more economical vehicles but state troopers usually get the real interceptors. Also Mr Gagliano will likely not have to worry about a drivers license for the foreseeable future.


Merle said...

The new State Police cruisers here in PA do indeed run a V6.
It is a Ford Taurus with twin turbos, and four wheel drive.
It is rated as an interceptor, along with the SUV version.
I guess the 360 HP don't hurt either..... :)

jon spencer said...

The 2020 Ford EcoBoost twin turbo for police Interceptors will produce 400hp and 415 ft.lbs of torque.
Their 150 mph top speed ought to be enough for most situations.
Unless you have a top of the line, high horsepower car from about any automaker.
Mustangs, Vettes, Chargers, Challengers and several others have a reported higher top speed.
Although any of those still cannot outrun a Motorola.

Billll said...

Some of those things have become legendary. Back in 1962 a 300 SL Mercedes would make 160+ across Nebraska. The driver was finishing his burger when the Nebraska HP came in and informed the waitress they were setting up a roadblock at the interchange for some yahoo in a sports car as soon as they got their burgers. Mr Mercedes paid his check, got in his car which he had discreetly parked in the back, and headed south into Kansas before continuing on west to Denver.

There is also a story of a black 57 T-bird which had had the old 312 motor swapped for a new 427 wedge which had been worked on "a bit" that was able to outrun the CHP helicopter on I-70 heading East out of town.