Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gun Fun - Murphy

The only bad round in a box of 100 will somehow find its way into your magazine for the Limited Vickers string.
That's it, 4th row back, 5th from the left.

For the benefit of any non shooters, in IDPA one normally fires two shots at a threat target, then moves on. If the shooter feels he might have missed and wants to make up the miss, extra shots are permitted. Only the 2 best hits are scored. One has to balance the extra time required for the extra shots against the points lost for a miss. Most of the time it's not worth it. If you get a misfire, just eject the offending round, and resume shooting.

Limited Vickers  means that you will be presented with targets, and you will be limited to say 2 rounds per target. If you miss, tough. For a 3 target string and a 6 round limit, if you get some 1 point down hits, that's not so bad. If you miss the target completely, that's 5 points down. If one of your bullets fails to fire, that's the same as a complete miss. Points down are added to your elapsed time at 1 second per point down.

The red color is from the Dykem machinists ink I use to mark my brass in an effort to get some of it back.


Sdv1949 said...

Limited Vicker is USPSA, IDPA uses Limited or Unlimited.

Merle said...

looks like your buddy Murphy was taking care of you... :)