Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Marching Season

The militant wing of the DNC, Antifa, is making news all over the country, in Berzerkly where they vow to shut out any speech they don't like, and the mayor, who is a member, has promised his police will not interfere. In related news, one of the more violent Antifas has been identified as a professor at Berkley.

In Nashville, Antifa goes back to its roots as the communists version of Hitlers Brownshirts and Mussolini's Blackshirts and has a permit for a May Day march and rally. Some Gadsden Flag types have set up a counter rally in the same area. Be interesting to see how well or even if the Nashville cops keep the two groups apart. Nashville denizen Glenn Reynolds has noted that Amazon has some good deals on Hickory ax handles and heavy Texas style walking sticks.

Hippie reservation Portland has cancelled their spring Rose parade after the local Antifa announced it had some 200 soldiers prepared to rush the parade and forcibly remove the Multonah county Republicans if they attempt to participate. Once again, the Mayor doesn't seem to want to send his cops out against his constituents so the entire parade has been cancelled.

The Donks are aware that between 100 and 200 million people were murdered in the last century in attempts to prove that Socialism in one form or another was a viable system, and they want to make sure that those folk didn't die in vain, no matter how many more have to join them.

NOTE: Don't forget your home improvement projects. On your way to the rally, stop be Home Depot for one of these perhaps.


Merle said...

A tire bat works better..... :)


Billll said...

It helps if you have a plausible reason for carrying your sheleighly like "I'm an old coot and need a cane." or "I just picked up some home repair stuff on my way home and found myself engulfed in this here demonstration." Carry it in the store bag for extra cred.

Richard G. Combs said...

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) is a law professor at the Univ. of Tennessee in Knoxville, so I'm guessing he lives about 180 miles from the Nashville brouhaha.