Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Coveted General Nathan Bedford Forrest Award Goes To...

State Rep Joe "Pop pop" Salazar who initially rose to fame favoring a bill to insure that women on college campuses here would be unable to defend themselves from attacks by carrying a firearm.
His latest award-winning antic is to put forward legislation that would remove Columbus Day as a state holiday in Colorado.*

Normally days like this are a local excuse to drink some form of native booze and have a good time, the best known example of which is probably St. Patricks day when we all get to identify with Irish Catholics ane drink Guiness and Tully's. Columbus day has morphed into a multi-culti celebration when Italians and anyone who wants to join them parade in the street and drink wine while diverse other ethnicities parade along the sidewalks and protest the beginning of the end of a perfectly good stone age culture which included such festivities as slavery and human sacrifice.

Salazar is presumably aggrieved as he represents the native Hispanic culture that originally inhabited the island of Hispaniola. Rumor has it he would also like to be a Senator or maybe Governor and needs some more name recognition.

Hey Joe! I'm here to help. In recognition of your efforts to further divide your constituents long racial lines, here you are, nominated for the prestigious Nathan Bedford Forrest** award for furthering cross cultural harmony.

*To the credit of the Donks, the House leadership (D) has referred his bill to the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, AKA the Kill Committee.

**Founder and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. To his credit he unsuccessfully tried to disband it after he grew critical of the Klan’s excessive violence. Ever a problem with movements that they all too often get taken over by extremists.

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