Sunday, April 16, 2017

Too Much Government? Tell Them What To Get Rid Of

Here's the survey to end all surveys (well probably not) in which the Trump administration is asking the public which parts of government don't seem to be accomplishing anything beyond keeping bureaucrats employed.

Go here and work your way through the lists of departments and agencies, noting that there are 2 categories, elimination and reform. It may take a while as there are a LOT of departments and agencies, many of which you've probably never heard of. As a rule of thumb, if you have no idea what an agency actually does, and you can't puzzle out a useful function from its title, vote to dump it.

Remember that most regulatory departments are run by people friendly to the businesses being regulated and are run so as to make competition in that area more difficult. Protection for incumbents.

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Anonymous said...

"Too Much Government? Tell Them What To Get Rid Of"

Get rid of corporations, which are a creation of government.

Oh wait, I forgot. You right-wingers love the distortions of free markets created by corporations. It's become your religion (like global warming is to the Leftists) to the point that you've abandoned your beliefs in free enterprise and economic liberty; although you still use those words with the same sincerity that the Communist Party talked about "the workers".

"Like our intellectual forerunners, the classical liberals, we should have always been attacking corporations and monopolies as perversions of free markets. Corporations are government-created statuses that prevent the owners and managers from being liable and financially accountable for actions taken on behalf of the corportion. Adam Smith hated corporations as unaccountable and inefficient, and saw them as government market distortions. We should too." -- Nick Wilson, Libertarian Reform Caucus, 2008

"Adam Smith would be appalled at what libertarians claim as 'freedom' in his name. Adam Smith opposed large corporations, unrestricted trade, and much of what else passes for 'free market' economics in the libertarian press. In fact, having a Master's Degree in economics, I can say with certainty that today's 'free market' economics is nothing more than a pseudo-scientific cover for the establishment of the global plantation - and libertarians are naive stooges unknowingly supporting this enslavement." - David Minnich, 2008