Saturday, April 29, 2017

Everybody Talks About The Weather...

Al Gore and Michael Mann assure us that they can actually do something about it but frankly I've got my doubts. Yesterday was in the upper 50's and generally nice. Today the high is to be 34 and I just measured 8-1/2" of heavy, wet Globull Warming on the grass in the back yard. What has hit the roads has been melting as fast as it comes down around here although not so much outside of town where I-70 has been closed in both directions due to accidents.

Good day to stay indoors unless you like this kind of weather. Notice here the large footprints I found going down my drive this morning. Compare to my own footprints following them.
He walked along the sidewalk, apparently preferring the snow to the concrete. Hard to see in this light, but it seems the Yeti is making a comeback in the 'burbs.

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