Tuesday, April 4, 2017

EU To Commit Suicide, Asks For Assistance

On the heels of the Brexit vote, the EU upper management has told Hungary and Poland to either accept more Muslim "refugees" or get out. Hungary and Poland, who have each independently decided that they don't really need another couple hundred thousand unproductive members of the army of the Ummah cluttering up their countries, have pointed out the relative stability each are enjoying compared to France, Belgium, or Sweden.

From my vantage, it looks to me like they would be well served to jump the sinking ship, possibly taking the rest of Eastern Europe with them, and join a free trade union with England to be named the Un-Islamic Union of Countries Who Will Not Be Bailing Out the PIGS.

On a possibly related note, I have it on excellent authority that the Colorado Muslims are planning to build a new mosque in the otherwise sleepy town of Golden, just West of me. Not just the biggest  mosque in the state, but possibly the biggest in the entire country. The existing mosque there serves about 500 parishioners but the new one is geared toward 10,000 or more. The Imam says that the balance are expected to be "refugees" which Colorado makes easy to import.

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