Thursday, April 27, 2017

It Can Always Be Worse

Here is an Instagram post of Rep. Chaffetz' foot following surgery to repair damage done when he fell off a ladder in his garage. From the look of it he was installing a turbo V-6 garage door opener at the top of a 20 foot ladder, and in the fall the engine landed on his foot.

If you look at the left hand picture, you'll notice a faint arc through the bone just above the ankle joint. That arc, only fainter, is what my wrist looked like when I went in. Recovery from removing the impressive collection of nuts and bolts from Rep. Chaffetz' foot is projected to be 4 weeks. Recovery for the shadowy fracture in my wrist is running 7 weeks but I guess the bone healing takes longer. He doesn't mentioned how long it was before he was able to put on normal socks and shoes again, but I imagine it was quite a while.

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