Monday, May 25, 2015

Gun Law - Colorado

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 Partial reproduction:
Magazine restrictions, signed into law by our leftist CO governor (Democrat, of course) who dishonorably caved-in to pressure from the BHO Administration, are currently unenforced!
Yesterday, I visited a local gun retailer and purchased several 30-round MagPul AR magazines that were on unrestricted display on store shelves.  I asked the clerk about the “law,” and he indicated that it was universally,contemptuously ignored and that nobody cared.
When the law was first signed, retailers simply sold normal-capacity magazines dissembled.  The purchaser subsequently put the parts back  together and went his merry way.
Today, even that cynical pretense has apparently been discarded! 
I can also report that the requirement that all private sales be accompanied with a background check is also largely ignored as well. Efforts to repeal both these laws and establish constitutional carry here easily enough passed the Republican controlled Senate only to be unceremoniously sent to the "kill committee" in the Dem controlled house. In any case, the governor, who seems to work for the Mayor of Colorado, Mike Bloomberg, would have vetoed the repeals anyway.

When the legislature passes a bad law, there are two possible outcomes. Number one is that the law is widely and generally ignored, neither enforced nor followed. Number two is the case in which the law is rigorously enforced. This is more likely to happen when localities stand to benefit from fines levied on the violators. As a Supreme court justice whose name I can't recall said:" Nothing will get a law repealed faster than rigorous enforcement.". Rigorous enforcement brings out constituents with pitchforks, torches, and alternative candidates.
This is probably the best outcome. If an errant pol gets an avalanche of mail and phone calls pointing out their sins, then as another famous pol said:"When I feel the heat, I see the light." This is nice, but changing a position on one or two issues won't hurt a pols chances in the next election and at the end of the cycle, you're still stuck with the same skunk you started with.

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