Friday, May 15, 2015

If The Lord Had Meant Us To Vote...

... he's have given us candidates to vote for. All too often I trudge down to the polls and pull the lever for the con man whom I believe will do me the least damage. But wait! In Flint Michigan, due to some sort of bureaucratic screw-up, the people there voting for a new mayor have a choice between a convicted murderer, someone with a DUI on his record, and a pig. Write-in candidates all.

Now in all fairness, the murderer has served his time and the other fellow having only one DUI on his record is easily attributable to bad luck. Except for being career politicians, which is not what we think of as a career criminal, they may be not so bad. The pig, on the other hand, has not only a clean criminal record, but also has not been a career as a politician although I would not be surprised to hear he has rolled in mud.

Now why can't we all get candidates like that.

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