Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Deja Vu - The 3/5 Rule

Way back when, the question of representation came up and the southern states argued for representation to the U.S. House based on the adult population of every state. The northerners argued that as slaves weren't citizens or allowed to vote they shouldn't be counted at all as this would in effect give the slave owning southern states greater representation than the same number of non slave owning northerners . The compromise was to count all free or indentured persons and 3/5 of the slaves.

Scroll forward 228 years and here we are again only with federal prisoners and immigrants, legal and otherwise being counted by the census for purposes of allotting representation. At this point I believe that the 3/5 compromise would probably be met with a good deal of push back.

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Merle said...

Yeah, and once the illegals get to vote we'll never get rid of the liberals!!! Permanently in power then!