Friday, May 8, 2015

Breaking News - Standoff!

The feds were trying to arrest a bank robber on an interstate flight when he shot one of them and barricaded himself in a roadside motel of slightly dubious repute right here in my fair city about 2 miles from home. This has caused a re-routing of a major traffic artery sending traffic through Littleton that would normally never be seen. Suffice it to say the detoured traffic is NOT moving very fast.

The outcome is still TBD at this hour, but the motel is located across the parking lot from a LaMars donut shop and a Bruegger's coffee shop so the police have no motivation to end the standoff quickly, at least until LaMars runs out of donuts or the Bruegger's runs out of coffee..

Update: The fellow was wanted for 4 bank robberies in Denver. He offed himself so the kerfuffle is over. Traffic on Sante Fe should be back to normal by Monday.

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