Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another Sign Of Spring

Taking the bicycle out and overdoing it. It's 12 miles from home to Confluence Park at the original center of Denver. Normally When there's major digging going on the trail is more like 15-16 miles. Of course if you know what they're doing there are back street shortcuts so the 24 mile trip turned into 28 miles and I didn't even need an EMT although the last 5 miles were mighty slow.

You know you're an engineer when you take apart a $10 cordless screwdriver from Harbor Freight and try to fix it. Those things have a marvelous double planetary gear reduction assembly in them, mostly plastic and held together by gravity. Rule one when handling double planetary gear sets: Don't drop it on the floor. Especially if it's a badly lit dirty floor. It takes a while to find all 6 planet gears.

Oh well, the floor needed cleaning anyway.

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