Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A New Place To Shoot

I just heard about Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail a couple weeks ago when my shooting buddy informed me that they were holding indoor bowling pin matches on a weekly basis. We went to one yesterday and I came away favorably impressed. They get 20-odd people through a pin match in 2 hours by keeping a fast pace and using a double elimination system that drops you out if you lose 2 tables. They also have a ranking system to give the Novices and Newbies a bit of a leg up.

Noobs get a red card which tells the crew to set their table with 3 pins at the rear of the table. Novices get a yellow card which gets them 4 pins in the middle of the table, and experienced shooters get a green card which gets you 5 pins up near the front. From the quarter finals up, everyone gets 5 pins so  bring your "A" game. If the crew decides you were overly modest about your skills, you'll get a field promotion.

I got through 4 tables before being eliminated so I guess I saved a bunch on ammo at least. Had I made it one step higher, I'd have taken home some payback in the form of in-house gift certificates so there's some incentive.

Brtistlecone will be adding .22 rimfire steel challenge as well although it doesn't show up on their website yet. If I remember right, this will begin on Wednesdays.

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