Friday, May 15, 2015

The Zimmerman Standard

As you will recall, when George Zimmerman was initially arrested following the Treyvon Martin shooting, the DA in that case filed the usual basket of charges starting with murder in the first degree and working down. When the jury decided that Mr. Zimmerman had acted in self defense, the press was devastated.

Scroll forward. A Mr Apperson has attempted to assassinate Mr. Zimmerman with advance planning and announced intent to kill him. This would fulfill the usual requirements for a murder 1 charge if successful or attempted murder in the first if not. As Mr Appersons shot passed through Mr Zimmermans vehicle without hitting him, one would expect a charge of attempted murder to be filed.
You'd be wrong:
He's been arrested on an Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery and firing a projectile into an occupied conveyance.

Given the evidence (he confessed) The City Attorney could get Mr Apperson up to 60 years without trying. Be interesting to see what charges wind up being actually filed.

Update: Apperson has some colorful history.

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