Friday, May 1, 2015

Repealing The Magazine Limits

Or for that matter, any of the myriad nuisance gun laws the Dems passed here in '13 when they figured they had a permanent majority and didn't need to listen to Republicans any more.

On the mag limits, it seems that Joe Salazar D-Thornton, having won his "super safe" district by only 200 or so votes, offered to raise the limit to 30 rounds. This would have been a clever move on his part as the bill might have passed in the house and certainly passed in the Senate as long as there weren't any poisonous amendments. Following that, the governor could then veto the bill, thus saving the Dems from having to explain it to their constituents while allowing selected Dems to brag on voting for it in an attempt to bolster their standing with the gun owners, some of whom are Democrats.

Overall, passing a bipartisan bill like this would have made taking the House next year much more difficult. The law as it stands now is unenforceable and ridiculously easy to get around. No one who wants a mag over 15 rounds is more than very slightly inconvenienced and everyone knows this.

Dudley Browns position of no compromises whatsoever is a bit over the top but in this case it looks to me like it will work out, just not for the reasons Dudley is giving us. As long as these laws remain in effect, they can be used to beat the Dems for being anti-civil rights. We're better off if we're able to toss the lot of them after the next election. The one thing that would make that more likely would be if the Dems start demanding that they be enforced.

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