Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cynical Me

Went to the company cafeteria for a cuppa and glanced at the TV which is eternally on CNN. There a talking head was explaining that an expert witness in the James Holmes* trial had asserted that “Holmes knew what he was doing.” Which probably explains why he was unable to get a job.

For you out of staters, Holmes is the orange haired freak who shot up a theater full of people watching Batman.


Merle said...

If he knew what he was doing then "insanity" isn't a plea, is it?


Billll said...

I guess this is part of the procedure. If he planned the job it's first degree. If he did it on a whim, it's second degree. If he did it by accident it's 3rd degree. The D.A. wants the big conviction so they need to prove he planned it all out.

Next comes the mental state stuff. If you arguably haven't one wit to rub against another, then you likely get put in the Home for the feeble minded. If there was a fit of passion involved you'll still go to jail, but not as long. If you're just psychotic then the judge gets to decide to send you either to the funny farm or the chair.