Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ultimate I.D.

Imagine an electronic I.D. that you would use for everything. This would be so good that it would work for your bank account, your internet access, your drivers license on-line purchases, and probably as I.D. to use with your credit card, everything.

Imagine never doing (almost) anything anywhere ever again without leaving an electronic record. Not to worry, this "password" would be encrypted in a chip either on your cell phone or maybe embedded into a card, which of course you would never lose.

Safe? Certainly! You have the NSA's assurance that the encryption on the card is their very latest, and that no "backdoors" will ever be included. Your browsing history, your comments, and your posts would be safely tied to your own personal I.D. You would never be a nameless, faceless drone ever again but rather a fully recognized member of society.

I can imagine only a couple of exceptions to this. High government officials would of course need to keep certain sensitive actions confidential, and of course this I.D. would never be demanded as a condition of voting.


Anonymous Voter said...

"India has 1.27 billion people. 400 million of them earn less than $1.25 a day. Every single voter has a photo I.D."

"How much would you like to bet, that if a government truck parked in a 'poor' neighborhood and started giving out $100 bills to anyone who could show a photo ID, there wouldn't be a single person who didn't have one?"

Anonymous said...

The chip should be imbedded under your skin that way the rulers know where you are and what you are doing. If you decide that you don't like what the rulers are doing to you..tough. Without a chip you can't buy food,pay debts or just survive. But, if you are happy with the way things are headed...just keep voting democrat.

Anonymous said...

see Gray State