Friday, May 16, 2014

More Gun Law, Less Something

In England you need to register your shotguns and rifles including the $100,000+ models you keep in the gun room and have the butler clean between safaris.
Shooting is an expensive hobby, even without so extravagant a weapon. But licensing a gun is cheap. Owners pay only £50 to register for five years, a fee that has not risen since 2001 (some trout fishers, by contrast, must cough up £360 over the same period). Police chiefs say the cash they collect covers barely a quarter of what it costs them to run the licensing scheme, and that they are spending more than £17m a year to cover the shortfall.
But look on the positive side: As a result of generating a registry of every Purdy shotgun and H&H double rifle in England, the police are able to almost instantly solve every gang-related shooting in Manchester simply by dropping by the registered gun owners manors, and politely asking if any of their firearms have been recently fired.


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