Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gun Law - California

So it isn't law yet, and given the way this is written I'd say it's unlikely to become law, even in California, but the fact that it's being proposed tells you something about the mindset of the grabbers:

This proposal would allow anyone, anywhere to request the courts to issue a restraining order against anyone in the state on the grounds that the possession of firearms by the targeted person makes the complaintent feel "threatened". Toss in a judge who, as the speaker says, doesn't want to be the one who "allowed" the next mass shooter to proceed, and in one swell foop, you've lost your first, second, and fourth amendment rights.

Not to be giving anyone ideas, but I'm sure Rep. Fields would be happy to carry this bill here in Colorado knowing that reading or understanding any of it would not be required, although it would stir up such a firestorm here that it would be unlikely to make it out of the first committee, as much as the Dems would like to pass such a thing.

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