Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Guns, Less Boko

I guess this is how it works. In Nigeria where it is illegal for the citizens to own firearms, some 3 villages banded together and formed a vigilante group to defend against attacks by the evangelical Islamic group Boko Harum. When word arrived of an approaching convoy, the villagers set up an ambush. Some of them must have "found" some old war souvenirs that still worked and the score is variously described as either "scores" or "over 200" which would be 10 score dead Bokos and even 10 prisoners.

The low prisoner count makes me suspect that the international rules of warfare may not have been scrupulously followed. I also suspect that with a large number of Bokos no longer needing them, a few more working weapons may have found their was into the hands of the locals.

Don't tell the Nigerian government.

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