Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May E-Postal

So I'm late. So sue me. Here's the target, but don't use this image;
It's from Smallest Conservative. Go to his site to get the link to the pdf of the target. Note that the largest targets, melons, are worth 100 pts. The catch is that you have to hit each one 5 times to get the points.

The pineapples are worth 25 pts, but require 2 hits each.

Lemons are 10 pts and require only one hit.

20 shot limit, so the max would be 3 melons, 2 pineapples, and one lemon for a total of 360.

Oh yes, and the hand grenades are -15 pts. Try to avoid them.

Shot this today at my new indoor club range. Funny but no one was shooting at 11 AM on a Wednesday. Had all 10 lanes to my self. Gotta love it.

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