Friday, May 16, 2014

Modern Medicine

Last trip to the dentist revealed a minor issue where I had an implant put in. The implant required a bone graft as a result of a bone-eating bacteria I somehow acquired. Not fun, but successful.

So I go in tody for some "minor touch-up" work to clean out a small man cave forming under the implant.

You know the initial estimate was off a bit when you have 5 dentists looming over you, looking at what the laid open gum reveals and all saying "Oh Wow!"

So now my head feels like someone clopped it right smartly with a ball bat and my diet is limited to scrambled eggs or yoghurt for a bit. No corn chips for a while.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but the rewards will be impressive. With those shiny white teeth you will be able to dance,sing,and go bsck to the old public speaking circuit.

Billll said...

...and furthermore, if I am elected....