Friday, January 10, 2014

Watch Your Watch And Wallet

The legislature is back in session. Four gun-related bills are already in the pipe:

HB 14 1041 by Representatives Wright (R) and Holbert (R) and Senator Grantham (R)- This bill would establish "constitutional carry," with no requirement for a CCW permit.
HB 14 1059 by Representative Garcia (D) and Senator Crowder (R)- This bill would block possible disorderly conduct charges for firing blanks during funeral salutes. (Not sure why this bill was thought to be necessary.)
HB 14 1063 by Representative Everett (R) and Senator Grantham (R)- This bill is this year's version of the "Business Make My Day" concept that would apply the Castle Doctrine to Colorado businesses.
SB 14 038 by Senator Renfroe (R) and Representative Everett (R)- This bill would limit the Governor's ability to restrict firearms during a declared emergency.

I'm going to stick my neck out here and predict that none of these will get past the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee AKA The Graveyard.

Update: It is now being suggested that the Dems could redeem themselves by admitting they over reached last year. I'll stick my neck out even further and bet they don't.

Remember, if you don't like your elected representative, you don't have to keep your elected representative.

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