Saturday, January 11, 2014

Drug Crime

O.K. low level drug crime. More like making a nuisance of ones self. The pot heads, reveling in their new found legal status have been stocking up on souvenirs by driving out east on I-70 to mile marker 420 and filching the marker. CDOT has a possible solution to this:
Not a bad solution I'm thinking. Using 419(A) and 419(B) would also work, but we're supposedly measuring distances here.

Putting up signage is sometimes problematic. The thing you're attempting to note may have other implications you know:

For the longest time this spot was undeveloped. It was thought that this was on purpose so as to never require the sign to be put up. The shift in the image is an artifact of the Google image.

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Anonymous said...

"Using 419(A) and 419(B) would also work"

Letter designations are for exits, especially if there is more than one exit per mile.

For example, if you're going south on I-25 through Denver,
exit 209-C to Zuni at 8th Ave
exit 209-B to 6th Ave westbound
exit 209-A to 6th Ave eastbound