Monday, January 20, 2014

Manic Monday

Happy Monday:

1. No newspaper today*, internet news only.

2. Milk turned to cottage cheese yesterday. I bought milk. Wife, not knowing this, also bought milk. I guess I’m having a lot of oatmeal this week.

3. Wife gets up early which is never good. Insurance company has screwed up the billing again. I need to call them. Business hours only and with a phone maze firewall. It’s the same problem as last month which they assured me they had fixed. Great. Push problem out to Friday when I have the whole day off. Could be worse I guess. Could be Obamacare.

4. Balmy weather (breath not condensing) so I take the motorcycle to work. Need gas. Stop at station. Discover billfold is still on desk where I was trying to take care of insurance company. Go back home and get billfold.

5. Get to work. Take elevator to second floor. Elevator rises, stops, and door doesn’t open. Press all buttons. Door eventually opens. Probably need to mention this to maintenance.

6. Round corner and walk past bosses office. Note that it is completely empty. This is generally not a good sign. Peeked into the interns cube. Yup, he’s gone too. Now I'm getting nervous.

7. Get to my cube. All my stuff is still there so that’s something. Check e-mail and discover that the boss has been relocated while mtce rearranges the cube farm and the intern has gone back to school so I guess all is otherwise well.

8. Pick up a part I had left to be modified from the model shop . Looks good. Take it to the prototype lab to check for fit. Prototype has been disassembled and replaced with cardboard. Take part back to my cube. Halfway through my first coffee I notice that a large feature that should have been left on has been removed. Take part back to model shop. 20 minutes later in a review meeting we decide that the part being replaced will need some major modification. I decide to leave it alone for the moment.

Aside from that, the day went fairly well. How was your day?

*Observation: Since the holiday was declared, I have never worked for an employer who observed it. J. M. Browning's birthday is the 23rd and I don't get that off either. My birthday is the 24th and I get that off, not because I'm more awesome than those other guys but because I get every Friday off.

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