Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gun Fun - Global Warming Impact

Back when we still had our old gun club we used to have bowling pin shoots monthly all year round. This year we've had to find a new venue and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. This in spite of a 60 degree day last weekend for the IDPA shoot, the last 3 bowling pin shoots have been cancelled due to excessive winter weather.

The team , sponsoring the bowling pin shoots will shortly be announcing their expansion into the ever-lucrative field of weather management.

If you need precipitation, which this winter has meant snow, they will schedule a bowling pin match at your location which will guarantee the worst imaginable weather appropriate to the season. Blizzards in winter and coming soon to a farmstead near you, flooding in the summer.

All they need to do is figure out how to charge for this.

Meantime the alternative is a blogger breakfast where we drink coffee and shoot the bull.


Brad K. said...

My understanding, is that global warming isn't about warmer weather. The actual change in temperature, on average, is too small to notice.

It is about more energy in the weather. Hotter high temps. Colder lows. Brisker winds. Stormier storms. Stronger tornadoes and hurricanes, and more storms overall.

And, changes in erratic bursts as the world energy levels average out.

I like the way illustrates what the theory of global warming doesn't mean.

There are lots of cycles going on. The eleven year and the longer term sun and sun spot cycles. Long cycle gravitational changes from planet positions within the solar system, and subtle but present longer term cycles from outside. Man-made changes, like destroying the old growth forests east of the Mississippi, until Europeans introduced land denuding for fun and profit. Etc.

Me, I figure global warming ended when we kept Gore out of the White House.

Billll said...

"It is about more energy in the weather."

More hot air, higher taxes, greater regulation. Yeah, keeping Pope Al out of the white house was a good start.

Not done yet though.