Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gun Law - Local

There is a bill (S-94) in the Colorado Senate to repeal the "universal background check" law passed last year with no Republican votes. Republican votes are not necessary here as the Dems still holt the entire government and don't have to listen to constituents.

The bill has been referred to the Senate committee on Veterans and Military Affairs, aka the "kill committee". A pro forma hearing will be held Monday, Feb 3 at 1 PM in one of the small hearing rooms on the 3rd floor. The NRA is inviting people to come testify in favor of this bill.

In a state where last month about 2000 people found jobs and 5500 gave up looking, you'd think there would be plenty of people available around lunch time on a work day to come inside and speak to the fence posts senators on this. The Democratic leadership has made it abundantly clear that as long as they hold the majority, they can do no wrong.

Remember: The next recall election is Nov 4 this year.


NotClauswitz said...

Good luck turning out the bastards. We're in a similar pickle here, run by a Politburo not a political party.

Billll said...

I have high hopes. They didn't just over reach on guns, it was a whole bunch of things including raising energy bills and institutionalizing vote fraud. They got their knickers properly knotted when a Republican showed everyone how the scam worked.