Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recall Elections

Just got back from a meeting with the state NRA reps looking for help with the upcoming elections. They need people to make calls, 25 at a time only, walk neighborhoods, watch polls 2 hours at a time or more if you can, etc., etc.

These elections are being watched all the way up and the result will be a bellwether on the gun control issue in the '14 elections. A win for our side will take a lot of wind out of the DNS's sails. A loss will prove that Mike Bloomberg can buy any result he wants and until his money runs out, that will be quite a lot.

To find out what you can do in the next 6 days, go here and click on the megaphone in the upper right corner. Right now we need boots on the ground.

The other side is outspending us, having several billionaires available to them, and OFA will be busing some 250 of their people from Boulder to do the same work this weekend. It is widely suspected that some of them may try to vote as well while they're there although the election commission there is on to the possibility and will be watching for it. I am also told that the standard for getting a gypsy ballot has been raised a bit as well.

We aren't asking for money right now, just warm bodies. If we haven't learned anything else in the last 5 years, we should have learned that if you don't get out the vote, you lose. What else are you doing this weekend anyway?

Update: Then again, the bar for gypsy voting may not have been raised at all. The Independence Institute is pointing out that it may in fact be legal for anyone who has been in Colorado for 22 days to vote in both recall elections.

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