Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guns In Schools - Obama channels LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre may have shot us in the foot or maybe in the wallet when he suggested putting armed guards in the schools. Once the blissninnies got their knickers 
changed, someone among them realized that any armed guards would be 
UNION armed guards.

Obama will put union good guys in the schools at a cost of 
$100,000+/each, fully trained, with benefits including kicked back union 
dues. Or later he will use TSA-type folks at a burdened cost of $50,000/ea 
including superficial training and of course kicked back union dues.

Paying for training and CCW for such teachers as wanted it would work 
just as well and cost a lot less, but it wouldn't add any union jacks or 
jills to the payroll. Cost of course is no object. Money grows on 
taxpayers and every new warm body puts a bit more jingle in the OFA pot.

Take the number of public schools in the country, figure a minimum of 
one guard per school, and two for each high school, times 
$500/person/year* for OFA, and you elect a lot of Democrats.

*Union dues. I'm guessing. Anyone got a better number?

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