Monday, September 2, 2013

Governor Bashes Peasants

Peasants, in turn, are revolting.

Gov Chickenpooper has come out firmly opposed to "outside special interests" like his own constituents and in favor of locally popular interests like Mayor Bloomberg, denouncing the recall elections against two senators.
The former Brewery owner then had the audacity to say that the legislation was truly inconsequential in the long run, given that it only places “modest restrictions on future sales of high capacity gun magazines.” Apparently, to Democrats, the outright ban of any transfer, sale, or future possession of any high capacity magazine is merely a “modest restriction.” By that logic, the petitioners who are trying to recall the Democrat State Senators are merely trying to “modestly restrict” the remainder of their terms.
Keeping in mind that once the camels nose of "high" capacity is established, it's relatively easy to amend word four of subsection eight of paragraph C from "fifteen" to "one".

Click the link and RTWT. As Mr. Schaus notes, tossing politicians out is, after all, only a "modest restriction" on their arrogance and deafness to their constituents.


Anonymous said...

Drifting To The Left...

Billll said...

I was thinking of that scene as I was writing the post. Great minds, and all that.