Saturday, January 22, 2011


I was wondering when someone in the international community would grow a pair when dealing with the Somali pirates, and now it's happened. H/T to Hot Air for the lead and here is the winner of the contest to be the first to deal with pirates in the traditional manner: The South Koreans.

The tepid response to date has been a blot on the character of civilized countries world wide since the inception of the Somali efforts. The hijacked ships should represent nothing more than a training exercise for the elite units accompanying the warships that frequent those waters ranging from the Egyptian Navy up.

Cheers for the ROK marines, and a note to future pirates: the ROKs don't care if you survive or not. The story says 8 pirates dead, and 5 prisoners, no casualties among the crew. Anybody want to make book on weather the prisoners survive the experience?


Brad K. said...

Maybe we should be calling the Taliban and Al Quaeda 'pirates', and using that approach to 'dealing' with them.

It works for me.

Billll said...

Sure. Friday night will be "Union Martyrs Night" at Gitmo. The 5 most senior prisoners being held at that facility will be hanged at sundown.

Frees up space for the next batch.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I remember 1st. hand the ROC's handi-work in South VN in the early 60's. The Roc's had a base between AnKhe and the coast on highway 19 running into Quen Yon. At the time all combat bases were getting nightly visits from Mr. VC as they sought to infiltrate. Once the ROC's put the severed head of one they caught, they never had another infiltrater to my knowledge. Their forces were tough to deal with from an enemies point of view.