Sunday, January 9, 2011

Salt Shaker

It looks like we're in for some actual snowfall, with our favorite predictive source, who's never more that 80% off calling for 5-10 inches, up from 3-6 earlier. They're now saying that the 10" number may turn out to be closer to reality when this stops. When waqtching the wearther reports, pay no attention to the actual numbers, but watch the trend. By the time the storm is over they've generally gotten it exactly right.

So far it's break out the push broom and salt shaker to keep ahead of the 3/4" we've gotten so far. Here's a salt shaker:
Ah, Coffee, is there anything it can't do? Just fill with driveway salt, and it lays a nice uniform scattering as you stroll along.

Weather predictions being what they are, I'll probably wake up Monday unable to see out the windows for the drifts.


Brad K. said...


Have you ever compared sand to salt? In Minneapolis I found that sand was handier, and wouldn't erode sidewalk cement. In Aurora, CO, it still seemed to work acceptably well. Sand provides traction, and gathers sunlight energy to reduce snow and ice. Sand won't kill the grass, and even a vanishingly light dusting, over a few hours, accomplishes noticeable control.

WV: sandedo


Billll said...

As it happens, the shaker is currently empty, and I have some sand. What I notice is that when I walk down the drive, sprinkling the salt, when I turn around to walk back, the salt granules have already cut through the remaining snow, and are lying in their own little bare spots of pavement. The stuff is quick. Alas, it doesn't seem to spread as fast as it cuts. Perhaps if it was in a more powdered form?

I'll give the sand a shot tomorrow, probably as a mix of mostly sand with a bit of salt.