Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gun Law

Peggy Noonan, one of the RINO columnists at the Wall St Journal, is proposing that in order to sustain his recent upswing in popularity, the president should wholeheartedly get behind a ban on "extended ammo clips".

I could almost agree with her on this one, since the definition of "extended" would likely be left up to the BATFEIEIO, who would revise the number down any time they found themselves looking for some new mischief to get in to. Official policy like this would stir up a firestorm of activity, confirming everything the right had to say about the president in the first place.

Presumably someone who knew what they were talking about would write this, so that "ammo clips" would become "magazines". Notice I didn't say detachable. This would extend the ban to include tube-fed firearms that could accept more than this weeks limit on bullets.

Proposing legislation for this is political suicide in most districts, so it probably won't happen, or if it does, it won't come to a vote so that no one will be held accountable next election. No, the Chicago way to get this done is to have the BATFE write a "ruling" which carries the force of law, but bypasses the embarrassment of actually having to vote on the thing.

Word going around right now suggests that the Saiga shotgun, and possibly the Rossi lever-action .410 are both in the agency's sights for a ruling come Monday. With control of the agencies, the congress becomes unnecessary.

When writing your representatives, never forget to include the closing lines asking that the BATFE be defunded and abolished.

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Tango said...

Interesting how you used the word 'bullet' instead of 'round'. ;) That means if any magazine can hold 10 'bullets' it's illegal. If you're talking .22LR, that's about... 2 inches to hold 10 projectile bullets! Anything > 2" is illegal by that text!