Thursday, January 20, 2011

Balancing the Budget

Back on the 7th, I speculated on the effort required to get federal spending under control, and without too much effort, came up with $269B in spending cuts.

Now the Republicans are looking into the same problem, and have come up with $2.5T worth of cuts. Disclaimer: this is added up over 10 years, so the number would be comparable to $250B in the next year, which is close to what I came up with.

What impresses me is that they claim be able to repeat this feat every year for the next 9 years. Hopefully this isn't done by projecting the elimination of some bogus agency for a savings of $250M, then counting that cut every year thereafter for the next 10 years. Still, it looks like a good start, and goes to prove that the folks in Washington are marching right along with me, singing together as voices of reason, and not even remotely the blood-splattered, masked wielders of chainsaws some people make us out to be.

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