Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Climate Change

Climate change research has been shown to have more than a few holes in it of late.

This does not prevent its supporters from attempting to cover them up by making investigating the fraud illegal.

AGW is a problem that, at this point, I have to conclude, doesn't exist. Well, O.K. I was never really convinced it really existed. What it was, was the modern equivalent to chicken Little, running about madly screaming that the world was about to end, and the only solution was to let him and his friends, all of whom knew better than me, manage the economy.

Noteworthy was evidence that letting these people manage my life would cause a great deal of my money would wind up in their pockets, mostly to their benefit. I am reminded of the doomsday cults of the past, usually religiously based, who promised paradise to true believers who would give over their worldly goods to the chief charlatan before the apocalypse.

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