Sunday, January 30, 2011

Medical News

Went in to see the doctor the other day. He looked at my head and got all squinty-eyed and used big words like "Actinic Keritosis" which is doctor talk for "You been standin' out in the sun without a hat for too long".

Sheesh. Most of my friends could have told me that, in fact several of them have, and without charging me anything at all.

The doctor explained that what this really means is that it isn't skin cancer, yet.... So O.K. he's got my attention now, and gives me an innocuous cream to put on the affected region. I now look like an extra from the zombie apocalypse movie as an area on my head slowly turns red and goes through the stages of turning black and falling off. I'm pretty sure this won't leave me with a bare patch of skull showing, but you never know.

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