Friday, May 8, 2009

When You Can Write Like This..

Women swoon, men stand in awe:

When charming leftists stick their nose into things they don't understand they become ratchet-jawed purveyors of monkey-doodle and baked wind. They are piddlers upon merit, beggars at the door of accomplishment, thieves of livelihood, envy coddling tax lice applauding themselves for giving away other people's money. They are the lap dogs of the poly sci-class, returning to the vomit of collectivism. They are pig herders tending that sow-who-eats-her-young, the welfare state. They are muck-dwelling bottom-feeders growing fat on the worries and disappointments of the electorate. They are the ditch carp of democracy.
RTWT. P.J. is one of my favorite writers. Everybody should run out and buy one or two of his books. Do not drink expensive booze while reading them, as the spray will wast the booze, and make the pages hard to read.

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