Saturday, May 2, 2009

Global Warming Strategy

The warmists have noticed that the old "sky is falling" routine of global warming isn't impressing (fooling) nearly as many people as it used to. No less a source than the N.Y.Times reports that ecoAmerica, a study group, is suggesting a change in tactics, or at least in vocabulary to draw attention away from the fact that the climate is cooling instead of getting hotter. Take "global warming" for example:

The term turns people off, fostering images of shaggy-haired liberals, economic sacrifice and complex scientific disputes, according to extensive polling and focus group sessions conducted by ecoAmerica, a nonprofit environmental marketing and messaging firm in Washington.

Instead of grim warnings about global warming, the firm advises, talk about “our deteriorating atmosphere.” Drop discussions of carbon dioxide and bring up “moving away from the dirty fuels of the past.” Don’t confuse people with cap and trade; use terms like “cap and cash back” or “pollution reduction refund.”

So just try and imagine that cap and trade works to your benefit instead of being a giant tax on your use of energy in any form, inflicted on you by shaggy-haired liberals. Clap your hands while you try to believe, and if you believe hard enough you will also bring Tinkerbell back to life.

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