Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Make! Denver Presentation

Club Workshop, at 999 Vallejo, which is a membership workshop facilities outfit, will be hosting a presentation of the Make! Denver folks (Make! Magazine) Thursday June 18th.

This presentation will be done by members of the Denver Mad Scientists Club who invented robot fighting back in the late 80s, and built the biggest pumpkin launching gun in the state, having tossed an 8-lb pumpkin about 3300 ft.

Presentations will include building fighting robots, and building blackpowder guns.

Attendees are advised to remember the motto of the DMSC:

Summas Scientes, Noli Hic Domi Temptare

(We are experts, do not attempt this at home)

When I recover the URL for their discussion board, I'll put the link here.

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