Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Il Du(n)ce

Kim Priestap of Wizbang is asking if Oboe is, in fact, a fascist, in the classical form of the word. At the same time Obie is announcing that American corporations who do business overseas, are making money overseas, and are not passing his piece of the action back to the capo, him.

I visited Puerto Rico once on business, and noted to my host there that the island had people and a favorable location, so why did it seem less prosperous than I had expected. He told me, apologetically, that the island had no natural resources, and I responded that Hong Kong not only had no natural resources, but had to import its drinking water from mainland China, but nevertheless, featured more millionaires per square foot than any other place in the world.

P.R., as well as Haiti and the Dominican Republic, lies on trade routes between south America and the US as well as between the middle east and south-east Aisa. With a bit of clever writing of the local tax laws, this could become the richest square miles on earth in fairly short order. If I was head of a large and profitable high-tech US company, I think I would be talking quietly with the heads of other, similar companies about providing "economic services and advise" to the heads of some otherwise impoverished Caribbean islands about what would be required to become the New Hong Kong of the 21st century.

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