Thursday, April 2, 2009

Postal Match

I did all right on the last postal match at Mr. Completely, although I expected to finish much lower, given the scores I got.
Since in this match I make the rules, I've decided to award the title of Overall Match Winner to whomever I choose, based on their scores and their class. This month's Overall Match Winner goes to


He clearly and decisively smoked everyone in Class one Rimfire Iron Sight. Well Done!

That thing turned out to be much more difficult than anyone imagined.

Anyway, the next one is up at the Conservative Union Guy, who may be thinking of changing his name to Conservative Government Employee Guy.
Or maybe to Impending Treasury Secretary Guy. You shoot this target from a starting deficit of 12, and the object is to minimize your total. In 8 shots, hit all 8 of the -1 balls, and finish with a score of 4.
Extra obfuscation: The numbers are all in Trillions, 000,000,000 removed for clarity. The first 12 is a deficit, and so is actually -12, and the negative numbers are a reduction in your deficit, and so are really positive, while the positive numbers add to your deficit, and thus are actually negative.

I think he's really getting in to being a government drone, and should, eventually, become head of the Federal DMV.

Those of you with pistols and access to a range this month are encouraged to visit the union hall, print the target, and go shoot this.

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