Friday, April 10, 2009

Congressional Makeup

Drudge has a story up in which journalist Glenn Thrush breathlessly announces there are 17 socialists in the current congress. 5 minutes on Google produces listings for the congressional progressive caucus, which is what socialists and communists call themselves to avoid the bad press that accompanies telling the truth. The current listing from Wikipedia claims 71 members in the house alone.

Additionally, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, and Tom Udall are listed as senate members there.

The official website is here and while it lists only one Senator, it is broadly suggested that CPC sympathizers frequently do not want their names on the membership list lest their constituents notice that they lean much further to the left than they admit to on the hustings.

Mr Thrush's article is followed by a load of comments from leftists gleefully taunting republicans as being on the way out in favor of the new socialist model for America and the world. The Republicans may well be on the way out, just as the Whigs, whom they replaced were on the way out in 1856. In 1860, the Republicans elected their first president, and controlled the government for some time after. Could the Tea Party be the replacement?

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Anonymous said...

I am a taxpayer in the state of Vermont, Bernie represents me, socialist or not, he is doing an exemplary job, the gun raffle to raise funds for his reelection was well attended.