Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gun Control Works

In a manner of speaking, as a steady hand works best. Anyway, over in Jolly Olde England:

Men shot dead at anti-gun event

Paul Cheston, Courts Correspondent
Man, some antis take their positions way too seriously.
The killings in December 2002 were part of a series of shootings in the area. Korneh, known as Shorty, had allegedly been responsible for one shooting. When police arrived they found a Luger handgun in his waistband.

Anderson had been shot earlier that year and his alleged accomplice Wayne Freckleton has since died in a shooting.

Stephen Batten, prosecuting, said “there must have been other guns at the event as well”.
The quality of thugs over there is on the decline as well if they finish off the shooting of rivals by putting the murder weapon into their waistbands while waiting for the police to arrive. This doesn't usually help your case in court.

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