Saturday, April 4, 2009


Whoever you are from Avondale AZ, you are my 10,000th visitor. I was sort of hoping to make that number in my first year, and there it is. Thank you very much for making my day, and thanks also to the other 9,999 of you, without whom this feat would not have been possible.

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Brad K. said...

Billll, I worked in Goodyear, AZ, and lived about 7 miles north for five years, back in the mid '90s. Avondale is just adjacent to Goodyear, to the east. I recall a good Chinese place, and an awesome older bar/restaurant that served some excellent gorditas for the Tuesday lunch special.

About the time I left Arizona, Avondale started getting some major developments on the North side of I-10 - a new 10-screen Harkins theater, doubled the factory outlets strip mall, and the growth of housing developments spreading West from Phoenix was closing in. Avondale was like 167th avenue West, and Phoenix was out to 107th or so. That is, 60 blocks, at 8 blogs to the mile - 7 1/2 miles.

The surviving agriculture depended heavily on irrigation, lots of hay and cotton - there was a reason they named Goodyear for the tire company, back in WWII, including the dirigibles the Goodyear company built there.

Avondale ran the full range from old time, subsistence and big operation farming, to the slickest mall-type economy. Impressive for what had been a modest-sized town.