Sunday, March 12, 2017

Womens Day Off - Guest Post

I've seen a lot of commentary about the "Day Without Women" mostly observing that the real women all showed up for work. Here's my daughter's take on it from her FB page, used by permission:
So like I said women's rights are important. I completely disagree with women taking the day off and not doing anything!! I never got my way when I was kid throwing a fit and doing nothing, so why would this work as a grown adult?! Instead I'll tell you what I can do and I encourage you to do the same! Maybe you have an inspiring story from your grandmother idk... I can work on cars, I went to school for this. I'm CO state certified for engine repair, brakes, and heating & air conditioning. I also went to school for a dental assistant. I took dental x-rays of up to 150 US ARMY people a day. ( probably why I'm kinda weird! Lol jk ) I have held many management positions, even at a bar once! I also ride motorcycles and sometimes paint them! I'm not a top Chef but I love to cook and I think it tastes damn good too! I'm also a very caring person who would do just about anything for my friends! Happy national women's day make what you desire of it!

The joke goes that a world without men would last until the oil needed changing. All we'd have to do is lay low until the whiners went extinct.
Just put on your happy face...

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Merle Morrison said...

A world without men would be a world filled with lesbians!!!